How To Select All Messages in Live Mail

Dear Elizabeth,

I’m still reading and learning from your weekly letters after so many years.

Now I have a question I have not seen anywhere before.

In Vista and others, I was able to “select all” when I wanted to delete e-mails, then press Delete. In Windows 7, I have to delete one at a time, or press Ctrl and click on each one in order to remove more than one at a time. Is there a way to “select all” in Windows 7?

Thanks for all your help, Cecile


Dear Cecile,

There are a couple of ways to select all in Windows 7, more specifically in Windows Live Mail.

The first method is to use your keyboard to select the messages. Just open your email program, click to select one message, and then on your keyboard, use the keyboard combination, Ctrl + A to select all.

Note: To use the Ctrl + A keyboard combination, hold down the Ctrl key (located on the bottom row of your keyboard) and tap the letter A, then release the Ctrl key.

Once all the messages have been selected, you can delete them in the regular way.

You have already mentioned that you hold down the Ctrl key and click on each message to select the ones you want to delete, so I don’t need to cover that method.

Another way to quickly select multiple messages is to click on the first message to select it, then hold down the shift key on your keyboard and press the down arrow to quickly select additional messages.

I hope this helps you quickly delete all those emails!


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