How To Send a Word Document by Email

Dear Computer Lady,

I read and enjoy your newsletter. I also use a lot of your tips.

I do have a problem. I use MS Word 2016 and would like to know if and how to send a Word document to an email recipient.

Thanks for all your help, Julian

Dear Julian,

The best way to send a Word document to an email recipient is to send it as an attachment.

I don’t know what email program you are using, so I can’t give you step by step directions, but I can give you some general guidelines.

First, you need to know where your Word file is located. You can either look through your documents folder, or follow my directions above for saving a copy of the document on your desktop.

Once you know where your document is located, go to your email program and start to compose your email. In the new email window, look for an icon that looks like a paper clip, or for a button or link using the word, Attach.

Click on the paper clip icon, or the word, “Attach” and navigate to the location of your document. If you saved it on your desktop, click, “Desktop” in the left column to find it.

Click once on your document, then click the button that says either, open or attach. This should take you back to your email and the document will now be attached.

Send the email as usual.



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