How To Transfer From Thunderbird To Outlook Express Classic

Dear Computer Lady,

A friend purchased as a gift for me OE CLassic and I like it but I cant seem to get both my address book and folders from Tbird to transfer to OE Classic. If you think you could help it would be so appreciated.

I have Windows 10 and have tried so many things but NOTHING has been successful.
Thank you for your time and help if can or can’t.


Dear Venna,

I had not heard of OE Classic until I read your message and did a little bit of research.

OE Classic does have an import function, but I don’t see Thunderbird listed as a program you can import from.

It does look like you can probably transfer your address book by first exporting it from Thunderbird, then importing into OE Classic. They have directions listed here:

As for your email folders, OE Classic uses the .eml mail format so you would need to export your messages from Thunderbird to the .eml format, then you could import them into OE Classic. Here is a guide:

Step by Step Guide to Export from Thunderbird to EML Messages

If you live in the area, this is something that I could do for you, it might take an hour or so, depending on how many email folders you have.

I can’t give you step by step directions because I don’t use or own OE Classic.



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