How To Turn on Contacts Sidebar in Thunderbird

Dear Reader,

I just have a tip for you this time. I came across this when I was doing research for the previous question.

When you are composing an email message, if you are more comfortable with a list of your email addresses that you can just select recipients from,

tap the F9 key on your keyboard and a sidebar will appear with your address book.

Now, you can just click on a name, then click the “Add to” button at the bottom of the sidebar.

Once you have turned on the contacts sidebar, it will stay on in all future emails you compose until you tap F9 again which will turn it off.


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    • rgh43
    • November 1, 2016

    “Reply with Thunderbird.” When you click on Reply your address book should be visible on the left side. If not you need to add it there. After I just left click on the 1st addressee that I want and then hold the shift key down & scroll down with an arrow key to hi-light all the rest I want to send to, then hit the right mouse key and your choices of To, Cc, Bcc will be visible. If you come to one you don’t want to send to, stop hit the right mouse key & add all the ones you have hi-lighted then go to the next group if needed. I have used TB for many yrs, Great Program. This forum is for Firefox & TB users, join it for much info.

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