I’m Sending Email To Myself

Dear Computer Lady,

I am getting Email from myself!!

Clearly I did not Email myself. It is always about getting meds over the internet.

How can someone do this? How can I stop it? I am running XP EP8 on AOL. I have a firewall, I have Antivirus programs yet they still get through.

What can I do to stop this…. Help Robert


Dear Robert,

You did not email yourself, in fact those emails didn’t even come from your computer, or your email account.

Somehow, spammers got ahold of your email address and they are using it as their return address when they send out their junk messages.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop them. Eventually, they will stop using your email address and move on to use someone else’s.

The only real way to stop the problem (on your end only) would be to change your email address.

Hope this helps, Elizabeth

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    • Bex
    • April 28, 2012

    I believe that if this is happening through an internet mail account, like Hotmail, etc., then all you would need to do is just change your password.

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