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Dear Computer Lady,

I was reading your website and you were asked how to enlarge print on emails. Your reply was to hold down the control key while
you scroll forward with the mouse.

This Does Not work for me. I can do that only when reading a webpage but not for email. Win 7 does not allow for a lot of things.

My problem is also one of not being able to read tiny print on emails. As a test I sent myself an email using my usual Tahoma 12 font. it came to me entirely different, perhaps an 8 font. Why does this happen? This is driving me crazy and causing eye strain.

I also have problems reading newsletters. Sometimes if I “forward” them the font appears bigger, but not always. Why is this such a problem ? Never had this with XP.

Keep up the good work you do.



Dear Joan,

The question you are referring to was asked by someone who was using web based email. Basically, they viewed their email in the body of a webpage.

That is why they could make the print larger using the control key and scroll button.

You are using Windows Live Mail, which is not a webpage, but an independent email program.

To increase the font size in your email program, click on “View” in the menu bar, point to “Text Size” and then click on the size you prefer.

This works best on email messages that are plain text. HTML messages don’t allow your email program as much control over text size. That is probably what is happening with your newsletters.


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    • joanb
    • November 10, 2011

    I changed the font size in my email months ago to Largest but problem persists.
    I have now changed to Plain text to see if that helps.
    I also have problems reading the “windows” that come up with instructions etc. Tiny print.
    Bring back XP, please.

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