Issues Forwarding to A Group in Outlook

Dear Computer Lady,

Thanks for all the information I have received over the years.

I have a Dell desktop with Windows 8. I use Outlook for email. I have set up a group of addresses for email to multiple people and now find that I cannot edit [either delete or add] to customize the email I want to forward.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks again, Larry

Dear Larry,

If you are trying to make changes to an email message that you received and now want to forward to your group, you need to click the “Forward” button before you try to edit the message. The original message cannot be changed.

If you are trying to add or remove people in your group and it is no longer allowing you to make that change, I would first try to create a new group as it is possible the group settings have somehow become corrupted. I would need to know the steps you are using to make the changes to know exactly what is happening.



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