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Dear Computer Lady,

I have been encouraging my parents to check their emails regularly using outlook express.  They both have separate logins on window XP but have the same email address.  

The problem is if one of them checks their email using outlook express in their in log, the emails go into their outlook express and don’t come up on the other.  Is there anyway around this little problem?

Thank you, Nick



Dear Nick,

Yes, there is a way to solve your problem. 

When an e-mail is sent to your parents e-mail address, the message waits on the ISPs server until they check for e-mail. When Outlook Express checks the server, it downloads the e-mail and then deletes it from the ISPs server.

What you need to do, is tell Outlook Express not to delete the e- mail message from the server. To do this: 

1. Open Outlook Express, click on “Tools” and then “Accounts” in the menu bar.

2. Click on the “Mail” tab and then on your e-mail account. Then, click the properties button.

3. In the Properties window, click the “Advanced” tab and look near the bottom of the window. Click to place a check mark in front of “Leave a copy of messages on server” and then check the next box down to remove the messages from the server after 5 days.

4. Click “OK” twice and repeat these steps using the other identity.




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