Link not working

Dear Computer Lady,

I receive emails sometimes and they will have their website listed. But when I click on the website, I’m not able to go there.

Does this have to do with my firewall settings?

Its the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation site, and this is the only site that has this problem.

Its not a bad site.

Thanks, Cheryl


Dear Cheryl,

I was intrigued as to why only one link would be not working, while all the other links you get are working, so I did a little investigating. Here is what I found.

First, the actual website for the Tennesee Bureau of Investigation is:

That is different from the link you sent me, and when I tried the link you sent, it was not an actual website address.

Perhaps the person who sent the link to you mistyped it, or perhaps that used to be the URL for the bureau, and they changed it.

Secondly, I wonder if your email program needs the “http” portion of the web address in order to recognise it as an URL. Most URLs end in .com or some other three letter ending. The URL you are using has a much more complex ending… and this could be confusing your email program.


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