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Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question regarding email. I move the emails that I want to keep in folders I have created and have been doing it for years with no problems. I just went on vacation and shut down my computer before I left. No one had access to my computer while I was away. Upon my return, I tried to move an email I had received to a folder and realized that some of my folders were missing. I had been keeping folders for my medical information, etc. I contacted Microsoft live mail and Earthlink. They both took over my computer and could not find any of the folders. They each said it was the other’s problem.

How could I lose all those emails while my computer was not even on and is there a way to retrieve them?

Thanks, Loraine

Dear Loraine,

It sounds like you are using Windows Live Mail for your email, and I know from experience that it is fairly common for Windows Live Mail (WLM) folders to become corrupt. I also have quite a bit of experience in retrieving messages from corrupted folders.

Your messages should still be salvageable if you are using POP email access, and if the people who took control of your computer didn’t do anything to the actual mail storage files. However, it is not a quick or easy thing to do, and often I have to try more than one method before I am successful.

I can’t give you step by step instructions, instead, I suggest you take it to a local computer repair shop, and call first to make sure this is something they have experience with. If you live in the area, I would be more than happy to help you retrieve your lost messages.



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