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Dear Computer Lady,

Your newsletter is a good resource.  Thank you for putting “computer-eze” in writing.

Inadvertently, I lost a file from my inbox.  While I was looking for it one of my twins bumped my hand and then the file was gone – what did I do and can I get it back? Can you help? How do I initiate a system restore? Can I restore an inbox file?

Thank you, Darlene


Dear Darlene,

I am glad that you find my newsletter easy to understand, I believe that people should be able to learn how to fix things for themselves.

You have asked several questions, and I will address them one at a time.

Chances are that your e-mail message has not gone far, it is probably in one of your other e-mail folders. I often see people who mistakenly dragged a message out of the inbox, and into another folder without realizing it. If you were holding down the mouse button when your arm was bumped into, this is probably what happened to you. Open each folder in your e-mail program, and search for your message. When you find the message, just drag it to your inbox folder, and it will go back in there.

If you start a Windows system restore, it will not bring back e-mail messages, it will only bring back settings that you had, not documents. This is to protect you since you would not want to lose all the e-mails that came in, or documents you had created since the time you are restoring your system to.

If you still want to start a system restore, click on “Start”, then point to “All Programs”, point to “Accessories”, point to “System Tools” and then you will be able to click on “System Restore”.

I hope this has helped you.


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