Newsletter Writing Procedure

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Do you prepare your newsletter (set the type) in WORD. OPEN OFFICE
or use some other method before you put it into plain text and email it to your subscribers?

What is the procedure you use? — And, how do I put it into plain text?

Thanks in advance for your good help.


Dear Dave,

I actually use Notepad when first typing my newsletter questions. In fact, I am typing my answer to your question in Notepad right now. Here is my procedure:

I find a question in my email that I think will benefit most of my readers.

I copy the question, and paste it into Notepad (this strips out any formatting from the email, and leaves me with only the text)

I write my answer to the question in Notepad.

Next, I copy the entire question/answer and paste it into a template that I have stored in Microsoft OneNote. I used to use Notepad for this step, but OneNote allows me to access the newsletters on my computer, laptop, iPad and iPhone. It also flags any spelling errors.

I also paste it into an article on my website at this point.

When I am ready to send the email out, I copy it from OneNote and paste it into the email server (currently a Lyris List manager setup) and the server sends it out to all the subscribers.

I hope this helps.


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