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Dear Computer Lady,

 I know this sounds on the simplistic side but what I want to know is how do I get Spell-check on my Outlook Express?

Thanks, Frances

Dear Computer Lady,

We appreciate your help in your columns from week to week.        We use OE for our email.  We have two computers-one has no spell-check available and the other spell-check is in French with no option to change it to English. How can we get spell-check on the one and English on the other? 

Thank You, Matthew

Dear Frances & Matthew,

Your question is not simplistic, actually, this is a question that I hear quite a lot. Let me start by explaining how spell-check in Outlook Express works, then I will explain how to fix the problem.

When Microsoft created Outlook Express, they did not include a spell checking engine in the program, but they did  include the ability  to use the spell checking engine included in some of their other products like Microsoft Word.   I don’t know of many people who want to spend the money on MS Word just to have spell check in their e-mail, but fortunately, there is a free program available to fix this problem. 

Matthew has another  common problem which seems to be some kind of bug with Microsoft Office. While I am not completely sure what causes this bug, I do know a program that will fix it.

Here is the information for the program that you will need:


Outlook Express Spell Checker Works in Windows 9X, ME, 2000 & XP

Author: Vampirefo 

Outlook Express spell checker is a free program, made to allow people to use Spell Checking in Outlook Express. This is a stand alone application, that incorporates in Outlook Express.

While one reason you would need this program, is that Microsoft does not include spell check in Outlook express unless your computer has a program like Word or Works or Microsoft Office also installed, another reason you might need this program is if your spell check is only in French. Outlook Express spell checker will fix the problem.


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