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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Outlook email comes with every computer it seems, yet it don’t seem to be user friendly, have been trying to set it up, so I can send and receive as my Grandson’s teachers use it, I am never able to reply.

I have not been able to set it up so I can reply or send……HELP!!!!


Dear Jennifer,

Actually, Outlook does not come with every computer.

Outlook Express, which was free, came with every version of Windows up to Windows XP. It does not come with, or work with Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

Outlook (which is part of Microsoft Office) has to be purchased and installed on a computer before you can use it.

Since I don’t know which version you are trying to use, or what steps you have taken to try to get it to work, I can’t really give you directions for what to try.

I noticed, however, that you are using a Gmail email address, which is what I use as well. If your Gmail is working, why not use that?



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