Outlook Express Problem

Dear Computer Lady,

I use Road Runner as my ISP and use the above address for my email account. I also use Outlook Express and for some reason if I go to Outlook Express for any reason, it erases(deletes) all the emails in my Inbox of my Road Runner account.

No one including Road Runner Technical Support can help me.

I hope you can assist me. Thank you for your attention, Per

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Dear Per,

I don’t know how many times I have had to fix computers that had strange quirks in Outlook Express. It was just prone to getting corrupt files.

I don’t really have a way for you to fix Outlook Express, but I can suggest an alternate solution.

Microsoft has their replacement for OE, Windows Live Mail, available for you to download from their website. Windows Live mail has far fewer problems than Outlook Express, and it will run just fine on your XP computer.

This is a solution that I have used for several of my customers when Outlook Express just wouldn’t work for them.


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