Overwhelmed With Junk Email

Dear Computer Lady,

Thanks for all your help. I enjoy your column and benefit from much of the information you provide to others.

Recently my email inbox has become overwhelmed with much trash. I wonder if there is some way that I can unsubscribe to as many as say 20 email websites all at once using some type of batch process. I know how to delete them as a block but they continue to return.

I am using Windows 7 and Thunderbird. If you can help me here it would be much appreciated.


Dear Robert,

It sounds like your email address has found its way onto a list that is sold to spammers. Once this happens, it is difficult to stop the junk mail from coming. Spammers don’t follow the rules that legitimate email newsletters follow.

There are a few things you can do to try and limit the junk.

The most effective solution would be to change your email address. I realize that this is also a drastic solution and involves a lot of work changing your address and notifying friends and businesses.

Another good solution would be to open a gmail email account and use it to filter the mail coming to your current email address. Gmail has excellent junk mail filters. You could also gradually change your email address while not missing messages from the old address.

There are spam filters that you can install on your computer like Spamfighter, Mailwasher and SpamEater just to name a few. Some are free and some cost money. They all require you to install and then spend time “training” them to recognise what you consider to be junk mail.



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