Phishing Aftermath

Dear Computer Lady,

I stupidly gave my e-mail and password to an e-mail using the Verizon logo and you know what happened next.. Anyway I , with the help of Verizon, rectified that problem but now am receiving far too many garbage e-mails and wonder how I might stop them. I’ve tried everything but to no avail. Help

Thanks, John


Dear John,

Part of the reason that I am publishing your letter today is to serve as a warning to others….

NEVER give your user name and password to anyone! Especially if the request comes in an e-mail message. No legitimate company will send you an e-mail asking for such information.

Now that you have given these criminals (and that is what they are) your information, they will use it as much as they can.

What can you do? My suggestion is to get back on the phone with Verizon and change your e-mail address. I know that is a big step, and a pain to have to change all your subscriptions, but there is no way to get the criminals to stop using your email address, so the next best thing is to move on and start fresh with a new address.


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