Phishing Email Message

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have received this type of email (see below) a few times lately.

My Kapersky account tells me it is a bad email. How do I handle these ??

Yahoo! Your e-mail account has exceeded its limit and needs to be verified and updated, If not verified within 48 hours, we shall suspend your account. Please click to re-sign in

Thank you for your advise, Deanne

Dear Deanne,

This looks like a phishing email. The sender wants you to click on the link that they included and enter your yahoo email address and password.

Once they have your information, then they can hack into your yahoo email account and use it for whatever illegal activities they have in mind.

There isn’t anything you can do to prevent these phishing messages from coming in your email, so the best thing to do is delete the message, and NEVER click on a link in them!



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