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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Is there a way to print all my email addresses that I have in Outlook? I am afraid that I will lose them.

When I used Incredimail for my emails – several years go, I could print out a copy of the names and email addresses. I can’t seem to do that using outlook.

I read your newsletter every week.

Thanks so much for any help. Juanita

Dear Juanita,

Not every email program has the ability to print out email addresses, but there is usually a way to work around the programming.

Currently, there are three totally different email programs with the name Outlook in them. Outlook Express which came with Windows XP, but is not available in newer versions of Windows, Office Outlook which is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs, and which is a free online email service owned by Microsoft.

I am not sure which Outlook you are using, so I will try to provide you with a solution that will work in any email program.

First, start a new email message.

In the “To:” section, click right on the word, “To” and you should see a list of your contacts. Some programs will have a box that you can click to select all your contacts, if you have that box, click on it to select all your contacts. If not, you can try the keyboard combination, “Ctrl & A” to select them all, or if you have to, you can click on each contact.

Once you have all your contacts listed in the, “To:” field, click once on an address to highlight it.

Press “Ctrl & A” to select all the addresses, then “Ctrl & C” to copy them all.

Now, just paste (Ctrl & V) them into a document. You can use Notepad, or Word, or whatever document you prefer to use.

Now that your email addresses are in a document, you can print them and/or save them for future reference.



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