Printing Contacts in Outlook

Dear Computer Lady,

I enjoy your column.

I have Outlook 2010 and Windows 7.

I would like to print out my addresses/data in Outlook and don’t know how. I like to have a hard copy in case something happens

I used to be able to do this with Palm Pilot. Periodically I would print out my latest list of address, phone numbers, etc.
Is there a way to do this with Outlook?

Thanks, Cynthia

Dear Cynthia,

It seems to be harder and harder to create hard copies in some software programs, but, fortunately, Outlook is not one of them.

Here is how to print your contact information using Outlook 2010:

1. Open Outlook, and click on “Contacts” and select the contacts folder that contains your data.

2. Click once on the first contact listed, then use the keyboard combination “Ctrl + A” to select all the contacts in the folder.

3. Click on the “File” tab, then click “Print” in the menu.

4. Select the style of printout that you want, (a preview of each style is displayed when you click on it) click to select the printer you want, then click the “Print” button.

Now you have a hard copy of your address book.



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