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Dear Computer Lady,

A friend of mine gave me as a gift, a cd full of wonderful photos she had taken of a very special occasion I was involved in. I finally managed to download a program so that I could see them, but when I try to send the photos to anyone, (even 1 photo) the email comes back to me saying it was too large. 

I have friends who send me pictures of their grandkids etc. all the time in a small snapshot type of way. How can I do that? 

These pictures that I have on cd are huge and even though I resize them, they arrive at the other end really big. 

Thanks so much for all your help, A regular reader, Marilyn 

Dear Marilyn,

The short answer to your question is that you need to save the picture after you resize it. If you original picture was named grandkids.jpg, you would open your image software program, resize the picture, save it as something like grandkidssm.jpg so you will keep a copy of the full size image and then send the smaller image.

You don’t say what program you are using to view and resize your pictures, so I will give a more detailed example using a great free image viewer called Irfanview at .

1. Open the picture in Irfanview.

2. To resize the picture, click on “Image” on the menu bar and then on “Resize/resample”.

3. Using the options in the Resample window, you can quickly reduce the image by half one or more times, or enter the size you want the picture to be. Click “OK” when you are done.

4. Now, save your new, smaller image using the “File” and “Save As” commands. Make sure you change the name slightly to avoid deleting the original picture.

5. Now, send your e-mail message using the smaller image you created. 


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