Removing Hotmail Folders

Dear Computer Lady,

How to remove a “folder” from the Hotmail site? To the left of the hotmail site I can add new folders, but nowhere allows me to remove old folders.

Can you help me with this?

Thank You, Constance


Dear Constance,

Hotmail has a set of folders that can’t be removed. Those folders are the Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Sent and Deleted folders.

These folders will always be there, and you don’t have the ability to delete them.

If you create more folders, however, they can be deleted, just follow these directions:

1. Go to your Hotmail account and log in so that you have your list of folders on the left.

2. With your cursor, point to the word, “Folders” and a small gear will appear just to the right of “Folders”.

3. Click on the gear, then click “Manage Folders.

4. A list of your folders will appear. Folders that can be deleted will have a small box to the left of the folder name.

5. Click to place a check mark in front of the folder you want to remove, then click the word, “Delete” at the top of the folder list.


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