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Dear Computer Lady,

Have so often relied on your help through the years, so here I am again.
I have a problem with scanning to email.

For an unknown reason my scan opens in OUTLOOK and I use IE through Comcast.

I scan and address my email, it acts like it sent but is never received.
Is there a way I can be sure that my email will go via IE?

Thank you, Nancy in Cape May, NJ

Dear Nancy,

When you installed your scanner software, it was programmed to look for an email program installed on your computer to use with the scan to email feature. Even though you use Internet Explorer to send emails using Comcast’s online interface, your scanner install program picked Outlook. It did this because Internet Explorer is a web browser, not an email program. The scan to email feature requires an email program.

In order to use the scan to email feature on your scanner, you will need to set up Outlook to use your Comcast email account. This should be fairly simple, and if you have questions, a quick call to Comcast support will answer them.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to scan through the Internet Explorer email interface on the website.


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