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Dear Computer Lady,

Hello and Thanks for all your Computer help! I have a question.

I have Windows XP. In Outlook Express I save all my “Sent” items. I now have 600 messages there and would like to delete them. How can I do that without having to do it one at a time?

I can empty my “Deleted” file but can’t find how to delete the “Sent” items. Thanks for your help!



Dear Edrie,

In order to delete all the files in your sent items folder, you need a way to select (or highlight) them all at once.

To do this, open your “Sent Items” folder and click on one of the messages to highlight it.

Now, on your keyboard, hold down the Ctrl key and press the letter A.

You should see all the messages become highlighted.

Now, just press the delete key, or click the delete button on the toolbar and all the highlighted messages will be deleted.


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