Send File To Mail Recipient

Dear Computer Lady,

When i right click on a file in my documents and choose send to then scroll down to mail recipient I get a message saying this.

“there is no email associated to perform the requested action,please install an email
program or,if one is already installed,create an association in the default programs control panel”.

Hope you can understand this. I use hotmail as my email.

Regards, Tommy


Dear Tommy,

I do understand your question, in fact, it is a question that I see quite often.

The problem that you have, is that hotmail is not an e-mail program, it is a web-based e-mail service.

In order for the, “Send to Mail recipient” command to work, you need to be using an email program that is installed on your computer. Such programs would include…

Outlook Express
Windows Mail
Windows Live Mail
Microsoft Outlook
Mozilla Thunderbird

There are a couple of other email programs as well, but these are the most common ones.

You would need to have an email address that works with these programs (hotmail does not) and then set it up in your email program. Then this option will work.

If changing to a different email provider is not an option for you, you will have to attach your file from the Hotmail page when you are composing a new message. Just click on the option to attach a file.


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    • alexnetherton
    • February 5, 2010

    Hi Elizabeth. I think that Hotmail now supports POP, so Tommy might be able to use Hotmail with Thunderbird or something else. Pop seems to be pretty new on Hotmail, so his mileage may vary…

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