Sending Attachments in Thunderbird

Dear Computer Lady,

When I am writing a new email in Mozilla Thunderbird, and I “attach” a file from WORD (or any place else), the name of the attached file appears top right. However, not all of the file name appears.

I can manually move the field to the left by pointing the curser to the left margin and dragging it to the left. How can I permanently move that field’s left margin so I can always see the entire file name of the attachment?

Wonderful program you have — it answers so many of my questions!!!

Thanks, Lyndya

Dear Lyndya,

Thank you for your great question, and for your detailed description of the problem you are having!

I don’t usually send attachments in Thunderbird, so I did a little experimenting and found the situation to be exactly as you described.

Unfortunately, even though there are many things about the Thunderbird window that you can change, not everything can be changed, and I don’t see a way to permanently change the size of the attachment field.

I am curious though, exactly how long are your file names? The reason I ask, is because you can have file names that are too long. I often come across this problem when backing up files for my customers.

A good file name has 8 characters or less, and does not contain any spaces. Your computer can handle these files without having to do any extra work in the background.

Longer file names, or file names that contain spaces have to be modified (this happens behind the scenes and you never see it) by the operating system in order to work with the file.

Some file names are too long for modification, and your operating system is unable to move the file around, or burn it to a CD or DVD. I often come across this problem when trying to save “Favorites” to a disk.

Next time you save a file, try to stick as close to the 8 character file name as you can. Your computer will thank you for it.


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