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Dear Computer Lady,

I have windows seven and it has windows live mail for my email service. I cannot set up individual folders for my regular emails, recipes, news article, pantry.The computer lady. Etc. Etc.

Thank you for all your tips and help.

Dear Nancy,

Microsoft has had many different email programs over the years, and each has had different features. I’m pretty sure that Windows Live Mail has the ability to create folders to store your messages in, but I know that the newer email app that comes with windows 10 does not have that ability.

Instead of using Windows Live Mail, I like to set up Mozilla Thunderbird for my customers. It is a free, open source email program that has been around for many years and will most likely be around for a good many more years.

You can download Thunderbird at:

Once you have downloaded Thunderbird, double click on the file to run the installation.

Thunderbird is easy to set up, all you need to know is your email address and password. It even works with online email accounts like Gmail.

Thunderbird is easy to backup. Everything is located in two folders which makes it easy to backup, and easy to transfer to another computer when the time comes to upgrade.

Thunderbird allows you to create as many folders as you want to organize your email messages.

Best of all, once you have learned to use Thunderbird, you won’t have to worry about Microsoft changing email programs in the next version of Windows and having to learn yet another email program.



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