Should I Delete Sent Messages?

Dear Computer Lady,

I try to keep my deleted items to a minimum by permanently deleting them on a regular basis.

But have totally forgotten about all the SENT emails. Should I go through & highlight them all to delete?

Thanks for all your help over the years!


Dear Faye,

You can delete or save as many sent items as you want. The Sent Items folder does not tend to get as large as the Deleted folder.

If you have important messages that you have sent and want to save as a reference, you can either leave them in your sent items folder, or move them to another folder.

If you are a person who sends lots of messages, or forwards a lot of messages, then you should probably clean out the sent items on a regular basis. If you don’t send a lot of messages, just check every few months or so to see if there is anything you want to get rid of.



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