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Dear Computer Lady,

I have a 5 month old Windows 7 Home Edition computer.

I somehow switched my most recent emails to start at the bottom. How can I get my most recent emails to start at the top?

I tried to restore to a former date and they still go to the bottom.

Thanks a bunch for all your great information. Lori


Dear Lori,

Since you are using Windows 7, you must be using Windows Live Mail as your email program. Even if you are using some other email program, the solution will be similar.

Open your email program, and go to your inbox where your emails are listed.

Across the top of your list of emails is a row of headings, it will list things like “From”, and “Subject”.

If you click on one of those headings, your emails will be sorted by that heading. For instance, if you click on “Subject” all your emails will be listed by the subject in alphabetical order (from a to z). If you click on “Subject” a second time, the order will be reversed and the messages will be listed from z to a.

The same thing works for the date column. Click once, and your email messages are sorted with the most recent at the top. Click again, and the order is reversed, putting the oldest at the top.

All you have to do to put the email messages back the way you want them is to click on the top of the “Date” column.


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