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Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you very much for all of the useful information and helpful tips. I am running Win XP-Home with Office 2000 Pro.

My problem is when I open outlook to retrieve my mail, most of the time the order of the mail is scrambled and very much out of alphabetical sequence. How can I get it reset to it begins with A and ends with Z?

Thank you very much in advance, Chet

Dear Chet,

In your outlook program there is a row just above your e-mail messages that labels what that column is for. Common headings are “From” “Subject” “Received” etc.

All you have to do, is click on a heading to sort your e-mails by that column. If you want your e-mails sorted by the date you received them, click on the “Received” heading and they will sort by the date.

If you want them sorted by the subject, click on the “Subject” heading.

I usually keep my e-mails lined up by date, but if I want to see all the e-mails from a particular sender, I click on one e-mail from that person and then click the “From” heading. Now all the e-mails from that person are all together.


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