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Dear Computer Lady,

I am having a problem with my yahoo email. When I open it, it shows the current day with past days behind it. But for the last couple of days when I open my saved emails, they are not in decreasing numerical order, but jumbled up and I have to search for them or mess with the sort by date feature, they might pop up but with the must recent on in the bottom spot for the day. Any suggestions as to how to fix it?

Your advice would be appreciated.


Dear Julie,

Sorting in Yahoo mail on their website is pretty simple, so I only have a few suggestions for you.

Make sure you have “Inbox” selected in the left column. If you use one of the “Smart Views” it will change the order of your messages.

In the upper-right corner there is a sort by menu. Click the drop down list to select how you want to sort your messages.

If that drop down list has a check mark in front of, “Group by conversation” you might want to click to remove that check mark and see if that fixes your problem.



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