SPAM Messages from AT&T Addresses

Dear Computer Lady,

I am getting offers for different things coming from AT&TAppsBeta My virus scanner is not picking this up as a virus but putting it in junk mail. I have added each one I get to blocked sender and blocked senders domain but still get them.

Other than change my email address I don’t know what to do.

I hope you can help me with my computer problem, Betty


Hi Betty,

It sounds like you are getting junk email messages from some addresses with att in the “From” field. You have the right idea in blocking the sender, but spammers know that people will block their message, so they get around that by constantly changing the “From” address.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get someone to stop sending messages to your email address once they have it. The best solution is really to not let them get your email address in the first place.

For now, you have several options. You can change your email address, and then keep it private. Don’t use hot mail or yahoo, those email accounts tend to get a lot of spam.

In addition to changing your primary email address, you can create a temporary email address at one of the free email providers like hot mail or yahoo and use that address when filling out online forms and entering contests.

You can purchase software that will filter out the junk mail for you. This usually requires work on your part to train the software to keep the messages out of your inbox.

Or, you can just keep deleting the junk mail.


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