Spell Check in Outlook Express

Dear Computer Lady,

I had to have WIN-XP3 reinstalled on my Dell desktop and along with that, I activated Outlook Express 6. However, I can’t get spell check to work in that email program.

I was so used to using it and I am lost without that helping hand.

Can you please help? Thank you,

Gloria in Milwaukee

Dear Gloria,

Outlook Express does not have its own spell check. Instead it uses the spell check in either Microsoft Office, or Works.

Before you had your computer worked on, you must have had one of those programs installed as well.

You have several options open to you.

1. Install either Word or Works. Since you had them installed before, I’m guessing you must still have the install disk.

2. Install a new email program that comes with spell check. Eudora is a good one, also, I’m pretty sure that Windows Live Mail from Microsoft includes spell check now. It does on my computer, but I also have Office installed so I can’t tell for sure.


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