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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I want to Thank you for all your help through the years with my computers and laptop and now my Ipad2.

Since I use my Ipad 2 just like my laptop doing everything including paying bills I would like to ask a question.

When I am deleting e-mail from my Laptop and then go to my iPad2 why is the mail still on the site, ie msn mail or wildblue mail?

Is there a way to delete the mail all at once on more than one unit?
Thank you for all your information you give to us.

Karen from Ca

Dear Karen,

While I can’t be sure without looking at your email setup, I am guessing that your laptop is downloading your email using Post Office Protocol 3 (known as POP3). When you are using POP3, your email is downloaded to your computer, and not synced with the mail server.

Internet Message Access Protocol or, “IMAP” is a little more sophisticated. Instead of just downloading email to your computer, IMAP syncs your messages between your device and the server. So, when you delete messages using IMAP, they are also deleted on the server.

If you want to set up your email so that you only have to delete messages once, you will have to set up your email program using IMAP instead of POP3. How you do this depends on two things, one i if your email server supports IMAP, and what email program you are using.

If you are getting your email through a local internet service provider, give them a call, they should be able to help you set it up.



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