The Secret To Removing Yahoo Spam

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I get computer to erase my spams and trash? Had these done but it no longer does it.

I have windows 8 Hewlett Packard laptop and


Dear Carole,

If you access your email on, there are several ways to empty your Spam and Trash folders.

First, you could simply right-click on the spam or trash folder, and click “Empty trash” or “Empty Spam”.

You could also click on the folder you want to clean out, click on the very top check box (which will select all messages in the folder) then click on the “Delete” icon.

If you want to set your Spam to automatically delete after a certain amount of time, click on the “Settings” icon in the upper-right corner of the window, then click, “Settings”.

In the “Settings” dialog box, click on “Security” in the left column, then click the drop down list next to, “Delete spam older than” and select an amount of time.

Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the dialog box to save your changes.



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    • ron007
    • June 28, 2016

    Turning off unneeded processes is a good idea. The less unnecessary “stuff” you have running on your computer the less there is to be hacked.

    By default on most computers there are many extra processes that you don’t need. But before you start turning stuff off you have to know what each does. Some are easy to identify by the name and description. Others you have to look for.

    In general, this topic is known as “hardening” your computer. Hardening in the sense that doing this makes your computer harder to attack. It also has the side benefit of sometimes making your computer perform faster.

    There are many sites that provide “hardening” suggestions. One of the sites I’ve used for years is “black viper”:

    But there are many other articles and sites, just google “Harden Windows” and include your version number.

    Note, you can make use of most tips for older versions because Windows only makes relatively small changes between windows version.

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