The Secret To Syncing Gmail

Dear Computer Lady,

I own a laptop, tablet and a smartphone. I have to delete emails three times. Is there a way to stop this?

I would like to delete an email from any of the three sources and have the email deleted on the other two automatically.

I use Gmail and my wife uses Yahoo. It is the same irritating problem on both systems.

Thank you, John

Dear John,

There is a way to set this up in Gmail. On your laptop, you are directly connected to Gmail in your browser so there is no need to change anything there. If you install the Gmail app on your tablet and phone and use that instead of the built in email app, you will find that the email will stay in sync very nicely.

When you delete an email message on your phone, within seconds it will also be deleted on your tablet and laptop.

I don’t use Yahoo, so I don’t know if there is a yahoo email app that does the same thing.



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