The Surprising Secret To Emailing Groups on iPhone & iPad

Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you so much for the wonderful newsletter. I have been subscribed for many years and have learned so much.

I’m having a problem with email. I use hotmail and I made a contact group with a number of neighbours. Unfortunately I can’t seem to use it anywhere but on my laptop.

I use my iPad a lot but when I put in the group name nothing comes up. Because it’s an online email program shouldn’t it be available on any platform? I do not use any mail program on my computer. I just go online and sign into hotmail. It’s very frustrating as I need to add people one by one on my iPad or iPhone.

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you

Dear Julie,

I’m afraid I don’t have a quick answer for you, but I do have an answer. I am also including your question here in case someone else has found a better answer.

It seems that Gmail works the same way as your hotmail. Groups can be created and used on a desktop or laptop computer, but not on the phone or tablet versions.

The only work around that I have found so far is to go to your sent mail on your device and copy the list of group members from a previously sent message, then paste them into a new message.

Another thing you can try on your iPhone and iPad is a free email app called, Edison Mail. It will not use my Gmail groups, but it will use groups that I have created in my contacts on my iPhone and iPad. The only catch here is that you can’t actually create the group on your phone, you need to have your contacts sync with iCloud, then go to on your computer, sign into your account and create the group on the web interface.

I hope this helps, Elizabeth


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