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I have Windows 10 and Thunderbird. Whenever I click on Thundrbird I get the following message in a box: “Mail Server Password Required,” and “Enter your password for on” To send out an email I get the following message, “Outgoing server (SMTP) password required,” and “Enter your password for on” Why am I getting these message and what can be done to eliminate these messages?

Thank you, Robert in CA

Dear Robert,

I am wondering if you recently had your email password reset and did not update Thunderbird with the new password. That’s what this error message would mean to me.

If you did recently reset your email password, be sure to go into Thunderbird and update it. There is also a setting to have the program remember the password so that you don’t have to enter it in each time you check for or send messages.

If you do have the correct password, and you have the option to remember the password already turned on, you might have to remove the email account and then recreate it. Since you are using IMAP and not POP, you don’t have to worry about losing your email messages, they will still be on the sever.



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