Transfer Contacts to Gmail

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I transport my addresses to my g-mail account without typing all them in again?

Thank you so much, Lin


Dear Lin,

Thank you for your question. While you didn’t mention what program your addresses are currently stored in, I was able to see that you are using Windows Mail to send the message to me, so I am going to guess that you are using your Windows Contacts. (Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail both use the Contacts folder for email addresses)

No matter where your email addresses are stored, getting them into your Gmail account is a two step process. First, you export from your current program to a text file, then you import that file into Gmail.

We will start with exporting your addresses.

1. Open your contacts folder. You can get there from inside your Windows Mail program, or just click on “Start” and type “Contacts” in the search box.

2. In the Contacts window, click “Export” in the toolbar. A smaller dialog box will open.

3. Click on “CSV (Comma Separated Values)” then click the “Export” button.

4. Click the “Browse” button to select the folder you want your file to be saved in, then type a name for the file and click the “Save” button.

5. Click the “Next” button.

6. Click to put a check mark in front of each field you want to export. (If you are only using email addresses, just check off Name and Email address.)

7. Click the “Finish” button and then click “OK” when the export has finished. Close the “Export” window.

Now, to import this list into your Gmail contacts.

1. Open Gmail.

2. Click on “Contacts” in the menu on the left.

3. Click on the button above the list of contacts that says, “More”, then click on “Import…”.

4. Click the button that says, “Choose File” go to the folder that you saved your file in, and click on it. Then click the “Open” button.

5. Finally, click “Import” and your addresses will be added to your Gmail contacts.


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