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Dear Computer Lady,

I had a new tower built last year, and also bought a laptop. Both are XP. My problem is Outlook Express receives but will not send unless I use a cumbersome webmail page. The shop who built tower, and sold laptop cannot fix this and my internet provider, Charter, provides no support for OE. How can I get this fixed?  

Thanks, Tom in Tennessee


Dear Tom,

If both your computers are connecting to the internet, and receiving emails, then your problem must be with the outgoing mail server settings. This should be something that your internet provider should be able to support.

I would be able to tell you more if I knew what the error message was when you try to send email messages, but regardless of the email program you are using, your Internet Service Provider should be able to help you with your outgoing (SMTP) mail settings.  I am not familiar with Charter’s outgoing mail server settings, so I can’t tell you what they should be.

If your Internet Service Provider has a local office that you can drive to, I would bring in the laptop and have t hem take a look at the settings. If this is not an option, find a friend who is also using Charter and Outlook Express and compare your SMTP settings with theirs. Your problem could be as simple as having a period in the wrong place, using an underscore (_) instead of a hyphen (-) or a setting being checked or unchecked.




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