Using Newsletters for Customer Contact

Are you using Email to stay in touch with your customers?

I have been a little bit behind with my newsletters the past few weeks. I guess the heat and extra activities that come with summer have been getting to me.

Because I have been a few days late though, I have noticed something really neat, a few of my readers have sent me emails telling me that they missed my email, and asking if I was ok. I was really touched by that! It got me thinking about how we build relationships with email sending, sometimes without even realizing how strong those relationships are.

For those of us who are connecting with our customers online, email can be a powerful way to build a strong connection with them. The good news is that there is an easier way to send emails on a regular basis than writing a completely new newsletter each week.

For some of my customer contact, I use an email service provided by AWeber Communications. A webber provides me with opt-in e-mail marketing software that allows me to set up messages in advance, and send them to my customers when I want them to be sent. Either by specifying a specific time and date, or by setting up a series of emails that are sent over time.

When you use AWeber, you create a list of subscribers, write your e-mail messages to that list, and set up the responder to send the messages to your list on a regular basis. This makes e-mail marketing easy to set up, it saves you time, and makes your marketing efforts easy to review.

Sending newsletters with A weber helps you to build lasting, profitable relationships with your customers, increases referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, and raises the average customer value.

Can You Have More Sales, Too?
Helping over 115,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.

Take a Free Test Drive today!

What do you think about email marketing? Has it made a difference to your business? I would love to read your comments and answer your questions about your e-mail marketing efforts.


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  2. Thanks for all your great computer tips!
    We use MailChimp to send email newsletters to our customers. It’s free for small mailing lists like ours and is pretty easy to use.
    Marilyn (Chick Farm in Wells, ME)

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