Where is Classic Yahoo Mail?

Dear Computer Lady,

Please tell me how to go back to my yahoo classic mail.

I hate this new one and can’t get any help from yahoo, so please help me.

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Dear Gladys,

Yahoo used to have a link on their mail page that allowed you to return to the original mail window. However, as of June 22, 2011, they have removed that link from the help menu.

Their reason for doing this, is because they want all their users to begin using the new version. I think that Yahoo believes that even though it looks different, it is a much improved version with more features. Some of those features include improved protection against spam and in-line photos and videos.

You can access the help for the new version at:



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    • ffbobff
    • September 24, 2011

    To return to classic Yahoo, you just need to lower your monitor resolution.
    For WinXP:
    1. On an empty part of your computer screen desktop, RIGHT click.
    2. In the popup window, LEFT click Properties
    3. LEFT click on the top tab SETTINGS
    4. Look for the slider bar named Screen Resolution
    5. DRAG LEFT the bar to 960×720 pixels
    6. On the bottom, LEFT click OK
    7. The screen will go black and adjust to very large view. LEFT click OK.
    8. From Internet Explorer, enter http://www.yahoo.com, log into your email.
    9. New Yahoo will show an error that your resolution is inadquate “would you like to use Classic Yahoo?”
    10. Be agreeable and select Yes, use from now on.
    11. Welcome back to Classic.
    12. Log off Yahoo
    13. Repeat the monitor resolution steps 1-6 except this time move the slider bar BACK to the right
    14. Done!

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