Where is Windows Mail?

Dear Computer Lady,

I purchased a windows 7 upgrade from the HP store, and it has no windows mail.

How can I get a mail app like vista had?

Thank you, Tom in Kingsport, Tn


Dear Tom,

Windows 7 is the first operating system in quite a while that does not include an email program. Instead, Microsoft has made Windows Live Mail available for download from their website.

Many computer manufacturers have picked up the slack, and install Windows Live Mail on their computers before shipping them out to customers. Because of this, most people never even notice that an email program was missing. If, however, you install Windows 7 yourself like you have, it will be up to you to download and install the email program yourself.

Just head on over to Microsoft’s website at:


Once there, click on the “Download Now” button.

Read the agreement and then click “Download Now” again.

Save the file, then once it has finished downloading, run the program to install Windows Live Mail on your computer.


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