Windows Live Mail Errors

Dear Computer Lady,

Why are there so many problems with LIVE MAIL lately? Many times it stalls and says Live Mail is not responding.

On windows 7 & 8 (which I have on my computers) is Live Mail the only email browser I have?

Thanks, Sharon

Dear Sharon,

Windows Live Mail is not the only option available for email. In fact, I have seen more and more problems lately with Windows Live Mail, and the email app in Windows 8 is so basic that it does not include many of the features of WLM.

I have had great success with the free, open source email program from Mozilla called, Thunderbird.

You can download Thunderbird at:

You can also find directions on how to use Thunderbird at that site.

I have set up many of my customers with Thunderbird as their email program, and most of them love it. The files are easy to backup, and you don’t have to worry about it not working with the next version of Windows like we did with Outlook Express.



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