Windows Live Mail in Windows 10

Dear Computer Lady,

I use Windows Live Mail. Since I updated to Windows 10, which was a while ago, Windows Mail often opens without anyone prompting it to do so. I often close Windows Live Mail and go to search the internet and Windows Live Mail will open even though I closed it a few moments ago. It is very frustrating. I use a Dell Computer.

Is there anything I can adjust on the computer to stop this from happening?

Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide.

Hi Dorothy,

Windows Live Mail does not work with Windows 10, I am actually surprised that it is running at all since you upgraded to Windows 10.

You will need to move your email to another program that does work with Windows 10

Your options include some of the following programs:

1. The built in mail app that comes with Windows 10. It is not very powerful, a little bit buggy, but comes free with Windows.
2. Outlook that comes with Microsoft Office. It is very powerful, includes a calendar and contacts. It is included with Office, if you have purchased it.
3. Another email program like Mozilla Thunderbird. It is almost as powerful as Outlook, is free to use, and will not become obsolete with future versions of Windows.



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