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Dear Computer Lady,

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We got a new laptop for Christmas and it’s running Vista. One problem that I am having is that Windows Mail does not allow you to add a second identity. I was able to do that with Outlook Express and I really enjoyed that. Is there a way that I can receive mail from the other account using Windows Mail?

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Dear Dianna,

When Microsoft created Vista, they wrote a completely new program for email instead of just adding to Outlook Express. They did this because it was the only way to resolve some of the problems that Outlook Express has.

There are a few features from Outlook Express that Microsoft did not include in Windows Mail. Most of the missing features were not very widely used and the ability to have multiple identities was one of those features. Since your computer allows you to create as many Windows Identities as you want, they figured you would not need to also have identities in your E-mail.

The official way to create identities is to create separate users in Windows for each email address. This works fine if the addresses are being used by different people, but not so good if one person is using multiple email addresses.

You can have multiple email addresses in Windows Mail without the identities. Your messages will all be together in your mail inbox unless you  set up mail rules to move messages from each address into a different folder.


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