Yahoo Email Invasive Terms of Service

Dear Computer Lady,

I am a yahoo mail user and now am asked to agree to their Oath TOS, which seem to allow them to look at everything on my e-mail, gather billing and payment information, track where I go and what I look at whether or not I am “on” Yahoo and pass along my information to their “trusted” affiliates.

Is there a free provider that does not make their user agree to such all invasive terms?

If I don’t agree to the new terms, do you know if I can continue to use e-mail under existing I believe they call it legacy terms?

Thanks, Diane

Dear Diane,

I don’t believe there is a free email provider that does not use the contents of your email messages to provide advertising that you might be interested in. If they did not have a way to earn an income with advertising, there would be no point in providing the free email accounts to the public. Everyone has to make a living somehow.

I also am pretty sure that your legacy TOS with yahoo includes the same invasive terms, but it really doesn’t matter because the company has made it clear that if you do not accept the new TOS, then you will need to find another email company.

The only way you are going to keep your email private is to purchase a domain and purchase email hosting to go along with it.



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