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Dear Computer Lady,

I love reading your newsletter as I am not a computer literate person and it helps me a lot.

My question is when I want to log into my email I keep getting this Yahoo, New Privacy and Terms letter.

I always click on I’ll accept later and then I can go to my email which is Supposedly eventually I have to accept this or I will no longer be able to use my email.

Do you think this is a legitimate letter and is it safe to accept?.
Have they always been analyzing everything I use?

Would it be better to change to another email site?

Thanks for any thoughts on this. Chris

Dear Chris,

Yes, this looks like the new Yahoo privacy and terms letter, so it is a legitimate notice, and as safe to accept as any other online email terms of service.

I would always assume that any free email service is analyzing everything you do with your email. It doesn’t mean that there is some person sitting at a desk reading all your email messages, but it does mean that a computer program is looking for key words and phrases so that they can pick advertising that you would be more likely to respond to.

If you want truly private email, you would need to use a paid service like the one that comes with most Internet service accounts, or register your own domain and get email addresses set up under that domain. That is something that I set up for my website customers.

I actually publish my newsletter using an email address that I pay $5/month for at Great Works Internet. I started out using them and when I switched to cable internet, I wanted to keep the address I had on all my advertising and business cards.



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