How To Add and Subtract Time in Excel

Dear Computer Lady,

I’m using Microsoft Excel 2010. I have two questions.

1) Can Excel take a segment of time (1:35-2:00) and convert it into minutes (25)?

2) Can Excel total a column of minutes and convert that into hours & minutes? I have learned how to add numbers in Excel and that’s about it.

Please explain how to do these if they are possible.

Thanks, Colleen

Dear Colleen,

Yes, Excel can do both of these tasks (Microsoft Excel is really a very powerful program).

For your first question, you would need a column with a start time, then a column with an end time. To figure out the amount of time between the two, you would create a formula subtracting the end time from the start time.

When you type the time in the start and end columns, you would type the time (8:15 for example) then a space and either the letter a for AM or the letter p for pm.

When you get to the column that would calculate the amount of time, you would create a formula something like this: =E5-D5 This formula would take the time in cell E5 (your end time) and subtract it from the time in D5 (your start time)

Your second question is just as easy. All you have to do is let Excel know that you are entering units of time, and add them just like normal. Excel will automatically combine minutes into hours and minutes.

Lets say you want to enter 25 minutes for your first amount of time, you would use the following format: 0:25 that stands for zero hours and 25 minutes. Enter all your times using that format.

For the total, just use the same formula as you would use for adding numbers and Excel will automatically give you the number of hours and minutes. If there are more than 24 hours in your total, you will have to change the format of the cell to [h]:mm



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