How To Multiply Numbers in Excel

Dear Computer Lady,

Excel question – is it possible to multiply a column of numbers by one number and have the results appear in a separate column for each number:


all multiplied individually by 17 and have the answer appear next to the number so that 20 would have in the column next to it 340 and so on down the list.

Thank you for your answer, Juliet

Dear Juliet,

Yes, it is possible. There are a couple of ways you could do this.

If the number you are multiplying all the numbers by is never going to change, then you simply make a formula in the cell you want the results to appear in. The formula might look something like this.

Using your example above, the number 20 is located in the cell, B2, you are typing your formula in the next column (C2) and multiplying by 17.

You can either type the formula for each line in the column, so the next row down would be =B3*17 or use the handle of the cell to copy the formula down the column.

If the number you are multiplying with is going to change, you can simply make another column, or even a single cell with the number 17 which you could then change whenever needed. This formula would be similar to the first, but instead of =B2*17, it would be =B2*C1 if C1 was the cell that contained your multiplyer.

I think a video would explain this best, so here it is:



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